How to make Seaweed Noodles

Raw Materials:

Seaweed Puree : 1 cup
Flour : 3 cups
Iodized Salt : 2 tsps
Lye solution : 1 tsp
Flour for dusting : ½ cup

Seaweed Puree:

Clean dried seaweed and wash thoroughly. Soak in water overnight and wash again and drain. Chop finely, blend with water and pass through a blender until it becomes a puree.


1. Mix all dry ingredients, blend with the puree
2. Dissolve salt in lye, then add in the mixture.
Form the mixture into dough
3. Knead the dough by passing through a noodle
4. Cut in a noodle cutter to form into desired/
preferred shape (rounded or flat)
5. Place 100 grams of noodles in a wire mesh scoop
6. Deep fry until yellow-brown
7. Drain, pack and store at room temperature for
future use.

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