Dec 2, 2020

How To Build Fiber Glass Boats

As a material for boat building, fiberglass has gained in popularity over wood and metal in both developed and developing countries, mainly because of the relative simplicity of construction, the ability to produce many identical hulls from a single mold, and the ease of maintenance of the boats themselves. Fiberglass boats are completely watertight, rot-proof and resistant to borers.

Disadvantages of fiberglass stem from the health risks associated with inhalation of fiber dust during construction, and the fact that the boats are slow to degrade and disposal at the end of their life is difficult.

Fiberglass is a term used to describe Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), a material consisting of glass fiber impregnated with resin. Typically, a hard wearing surface is created with the use of a gel coat, strengthened by layers of fiberglass mat impregnated with resin. The required strength is achieved either by using several layers of mat or by using a thicker gauge of mat.

Materials and equipment

Nov 7, 2020

How to Set Up Your Business

Choosing the Site / Location of Your Business

Finding a site for your business is crucial. In the retail business, your sales potential depends on your location. Like a tree, a store draws its nourishment from the area around it. A store-owner is already half-successful if he sets up shop in a good place.

You must also be able to recognize factors in some sites that are detrimental to your business. Among these are: smoke, dust, disagreeable odors and noises, proximity to garages, hospitals, drinking places and similar establishments, poor sidewalks, and old, run-down buildings.

Some guidelines to help you find a good location:
a. Know the population of the trading area. Is the neighborhood starting to be run down? Is the population moving away? Or is it new and on the way up? Determine the purchasing power of the population. Do they own cars? Big, affluent homes?

b. Study the competition - How many stores look prosperous in the area? How many look as though they are barely getting by? How many similar stores went out of business in this area last year? How many new stores opened last year? What price line does competition carry? Pinpoint which stores will be your greatest competitors. If you intend to put up a variety store, you may find it profitable to locate your store adjacent to that of your competitors’ because the combined appeal of two or more similar stores creates greater customer traffic.