Best Oatmeal Recipe and Lasagne Recipe

These two recipes are the latest from BetzFav Channel.

Best Oatmeal Recipe

There are few things in life -- or at least during breakfast -- that are more satisfying than a good thick bowl of oatmeal. In this video, Mister Nasty Clamps himself demonstrates a great way of putting together a bowl of oatmeal that travels incredibly well and is (in all honesty) the best oatmeal recipe ever. The video and recipe is courtesy of Mister Nasty Clamps. Oatmeal, also known as white oats, is ground oat groats (i.e., grains, as in oat-meal, cf. cornmeal, peasemeal, etc.), or a porridge made from oats (also called oatmeal cereal or stirabout). Oatmeal can also be ground oats, steel-cut oats, crushed oats, or rolled oats.

Lasagne Recipe

Lasagne originated in Italy, traditionally ascribed to the city of Naples (Campania), where the first modern recipe was created and published and became a traditional dish. Traditional lasagne is made by interleaving layers of pasta with layers of sauce, made with rag├╣, bechamel, and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Here is the video about this recipe:

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