How to Make Mango Puree, Chutney, Pastillas, etc.

How to Make Pastillas de Mangga


2 cups mango puree
½ cup flour
½ cup refined sugar
½ cup powdered skim milk


Sift together powdered skim milk, all purpose flour, and refined sugar. Mix well with mango puree. Cook mixture over moderate fire with constant stirring until mixture no longer sticks to the cooking pan. Remove mixture from pan and form into a cooky sheet. Let stand until cool and slightly stiff. Cut into strips and roll in sugar. Wrap in cellophane paper lined with wax paper.

How to Make Frozen Mangoes

Ripe mangoes
Refined sugar
Ascorbic acid or calamansi juice

Proportion of ingredients must be five parts fruit to one part sugar. Wash mangoes to remove surface dirt. Slice and scoop out flesh. Gently mix mangoes and sugar with 0.1 percent ascorbic acid or calamansi juice (1tsp juice for every 2 cups of sugar). Pack in polyethylene bags, seal, and freeze.

How to Make Mango Syrup Concentrate for Juice Preparation


4-5 medium-sized ripe mangoes
or 2 ½ cups of mango flesh
½ cup refined sugar
½ teaspoon citric acid


Wash mangoes to remove surface dirt. Slice and scoop out flesh from slices with a stainless steel spoon. Separate the flesh from the seed using the blunt end of the knife. Be careful not to include the fibers. Macerate the flesh in a blender to obtain a smooth puree. Add sugar equivalent to one-fifth of the puree. Adjust the flavor by adding citric acid. Pasteurize until temperature reaches 82 degree C (180 degree F). Pour the mixture into cans or glass jars, leaving a 6-cm headspace. Seal immediately. Cool, label, and store.

How to Make Mango Halves in Syrup


Firm ripe mangoes
Refined sugar
Calcium chloride
Citric acid


Select firm ripe mangoes free from bruises and blemishes. Wash mangoes to remove surface dirt, slice into halves, scoop out flesh with a stainless steel, and place in sterilized jars. Prepare medium syrup 35 degree Brix (approximate 1 cup sugar for every 2 cups of water). If desired, use 50-degree Brix syrup (1-cup sugar for a cup of water). Boil and add calcium chloride (1/4 teaspoon per 4 cups syrup) and citric acid (1/8 teaspoon per 4 cups syrup). Pour hot syrup into jars leaving a ¼-inch headspace. Exhaust by heating the filled jar over a steamer until the internal pressure seals cap jars tightly. Process in boiling water for 25 minutes. Cool, label, and store.

How to Make Mango Chutney


4 cups sliced green mangoes (Carabao or Pico variety)
1 piece of ginger root
1 clove garlic
8 pcs native onions
2 pcs hot pepper
1 small box raisins
2 cups vinegar
3 cups brown sugar
4 tbsp coarse salt

Salts sliced green mangoes and allow to stand overnight, then drain. Boil vinegar and sugar. Add spices. Simmer until thick. Add the sliced mangoes and continue cooking until transparent. Pack in sterilized jars. Cool and store.

Source:Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources, Research and Development in cooperation with CLSU, Research Division.Photo from:

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