How to make peanut butter and brittle

Peanut butter and brittle are food made of roasted, ground, and blended peanuts, usually salted and sweetened. It is commonly sold in grocery stores, but can be made at home. It is frequently used in sandwiches, particularly the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, candy, cookies and pastry.

There are many styles available in making peanut butter; the most popular are creamy (smooth) and crunchy (with small chunks of peanuts), but honey-roasted, whole-nut varieties, varieties mixed with chocolate, and other variations can also be found. Creamy peanut butter is made by grinding all of the mixture very finely. The crunchier styles are either more coarsely ground or have larger pieces of peanut added back into the mixture after grinding.

How to Make Peanut Butter


shelled peanuts - 2 kg
sugar - ¼ - ½ kg
refined salt - ½ tsp.
vegetable oil/corn oil - ½ cup
glass or plastic jars with new caps


measuring cups and spoons
weighing scale


1. Roast peanuts in frying pan. Stir constantly to avoid scorching.
2. Cool.
3. Remove skins. Clean peanuts by using a winower.
4. Grind peanuts in a cocoa or coffee grinder with sugar, salt and vegetable oil.
5. Pack in previously sterilized preserving jars.
6. Seal tightly. Store.

How to Make Peanut brittle


shelled peanuts - ½ cup
baking soda - ½ tsp.
white sugar - 1 cup
margarine - 1 tbsp.

measuring spoons
measuring cups
kneading board
wooden ladle
rolling pin


1. Roast the peanut in frying pan or in an oven at 99oC (210oF) for 20 minutes.
2. Heat the sugar until melted and golden brown. Add baking soda, margarine and peanuts, with continuous stirring.
3. Grease kneading board with margarine and spread the cooked mixture. Cover with banana leaves and flatten with rolling pin or long-neck bottle.
4. Cut the peanut brittle into desired size while still hot.
5. Cool and pack in sterilized jar or plastic bag (.003 PP/PE).

Here is a video guide how to make peanut butter at home:  

And here is the video guide how to make peanut brittle:

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