How to Make Chicken Tocino

Tocino or tosino originated from the Spanish word, tocino, which is cured meat. Tocino is a sweetened cured meat that is traditionally served for breakfast by the Filipinos. This is similar to cured hams, commonly reddish in color and tastes sweet. There are many versions of tocino depending on locality ie Pampanga, Bulacan etc..

Here is a guide how to make chicken tocino:


Chicken breast or drumstick - 1000 grams


Dissolve 1 tsp carageenan in ¼ cup water

Curing Mix:

Salt, refined - 1 Tablespoon or 12.00 grams
Curing salt - ½ teaspoon or 2.00 grams
Phosphate - 1 teaspoon or 5.00 grams[dissolved in ¼ cup water]
Vitamin C powder - ¼ teaspoon or 1.00 gram


Sugar, refined - 9-12 Tablespoon or 90.00-120.00 grams
Garlic, chopped or - 2 Tablespoon or 22.00 grams
Garlic powder - 2 teaspoon or 10.00 grams
Anisado wine - 2 Tablespoon or 16.00 grams
Pineapple juice - ¼ cup 0r 60.00 grams
Vetsin {MSG] - ½ teaspoon or 2.00 grams
Food color [allura red] * - 1-2 teaspoon
Meat enhancer - ½ teaspoon or 2.00 grams

* Dissolve 1 tsp allura red powder in ¼ cup water [stock solution of food color].


1. Select good quality raw materials.
2. Prepare curing mix, extenders and seasonings
3. Mix meat with the curing mix until it dries up and add the carageenan with ¼ cup water. Mix again and add seasonings.
4. Cure at room temperature for 8-10 hours or in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.
5. Pack in styrofoam with cling wrap or in polyethylene plastic bag and put in the freezer.

Yield: 1.0 kg = 1.3 kgs

Here is a video guide: (Alice A. Laput, Animal Products and By-products Utilization Unit) photo courtesy of

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