How to make Chicken Ham

Ingredients and their Weights:

Salt 8.9 g
Sugar 2.3 g
Prague powder 2.1 g
Water 100 ml


1. Wash the chicken by removing the remaining lungs and kidney at the backbone.
2. Measure the amount of water that will submerge the chicken.
3. Based on the amount of water required, prepare the ingredients using the proportion above per 100 ml.

4. Soak the chicken in the pickle solution.
5. Test salinity if 35 C.
6. Wash and drip.
7. Smoke for 8 – 1- hours or until dry and brown red in color.
8. Cook in the boiling solution similar to pork ham. Thicken the solution and use as sauce.
9. Package.

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Source: DOST, photo courtesy of


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