How to save money on webhosting

I have a few wordpress websites that are on shared hosting. For one to two years, shared hosting was fine because the traffic was not much, but recently and because of some plugins that I used, some of the websites went down due to limited memory. After chatting with the webhosting support, and doing some of the recommended remedies, the sites were back online, but only for a few weeks. Worse, I had plans to add a site or two to what I currently I have on my shared hosting. I have no choice but to move to a higher plan, but this would set me back financially. I pay close to $10 a month for my shared hosting, and if I moved to a higher plan it would cost me from $17 to 21$ a month. 

What did I do? As always, I use Google to find the best alternative for my predicament. I learned that the best alternative for me was to move to a VPS server. VPS is “private virtual server”, and searching online I learned that cost varies hugely and there is a big difference between managed and unmanaged VPS. Some would charge you monthly with license fees for cpanel and other needed softwares for your VPS. I search “how to move to a VPS server”, “free VPS”, “VPS tutorial” “VPS Guide” and many other related search terms. As a result of too much reading and searching, I was a bit hesitant moving to a VPS as discussions in forums were about putty, centos, fedora, linux, ram, webmin, nginx, and many other terminologies I am not familiar. This is because my computer software knowledge and background is limited to using facebook, blogger, wordpress, G+, and yahoo emails, lolz.

To cut the story short, I found this ebook: VPS for Noobs. From reading what it was about, I knew this was what I needed. I bought it for $10, thinking that if it is not useful as it promises to be, then I can easily charge back and get my $10 back. In three days time, following the ebook instructions, and after a few readings online, I got a 1 year VPS free! And all my wordpress websites are now on it! And I did not spend a single dollar, nor do I have to pay for any software license. The total cost for my hosting in the next 12 months is a big fat 0. Yes, nada! Gratis! 

This ebook made me realize that my hesitancy of moving to a VPS was unfounded. All I needed was a simple, straight forward, and noobie guide to VPS. 

Thinking forward, by this time next year I will have to pay for my hosting, unless I found a free offer again somewhere for a year, hehehe. But it is too early to worry about it now. 

Here is the link again to that ebook:  VPS for Noobs

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