How to Make Flour From Bananas

How to make flour from bananas is a simple process. Banana flour is made from the fruit of banana, a herbaceous plant of the genus Musa. Banana had been popular in Japan because of its believed slimming properties. Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B6, soluble fiber, and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and potassium.

Consumption of bananas may be associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer in women, breast cancer, and renal cell carcinoma. Banana ingestion may affect dopamine production in people deficient in the amino acid tyrosine, a dopamine precursor present in bananas.

Banana flour is used in baking cakes and pastries.

How to Make Flour

Materials needed:

green bananas, saba or cardaba

Utensils needed:

solar dryer
chopping board
measuring cups/spoon

Packaging materials:

plastic bag


1. Prepare brine solution; 1 tbsp. salt to 5 cups water.
2. Wash bananas and peel. Soak immediately in brine solution.
3. Wash again to remove latex.
4. Cut into halves and remove seeds.
5. Slice longitudinally at 1/3 cm. thick.
6. Dry in solar dryer for 8-10 hours.
7. Grind 2-3 times or until very fine.
8. Pass through a fine sieve and pack in plastic bags.

Here are some recipes that you can make with banana flour:

Source: DOST, photo

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  1. hello sir,

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  2. I hope the writer meant that the banana is a green matured ones--- it is not specified--- an important aspect of giving instructions


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