How to Franchise Generika Drugstore

This is a franchise that would enable you to help a lot of people looking for cheaper and generic medicines. While earning a good profit for you drugstore business, you also help people access cheap medicine.

Why invest in a Generika Drugstore Franchise?

1. You are investing in an industry which represents a basic need of humanity. Health related expenses are going up worldwide, in virtually all countries. This industry, because it represents a daily need of people, is less subject to sudden market changes, effects of fashion and other short term trends, or strong seasonality effects (although there is also a yearly seasonality).

2. Factors such as the aging of population, modern illnesses such as diabetis, cardiac disorders, hypertension and the like, combined with the tropic Filipino weather and the deterioration of the natural environment (pollution, asthma…), will all contribute to an increase of the total drugs market spending in the coming years. The rapid growth of the Filipino population will increase this even further.

3. Because majority of the Filipino belongs to the lower economic class and can’t really afford the high price of branded medicines, and have to buy medicines from their own pockets in the absence of a system of health care that reimburses medicine, the concern for high prices is there and there is tremendous opportunity for the generics market in the Philippines as a cost-effective alternative to branded medicines, especially if the retail pharmacies can develop and maintain an image of professionalism and quality. More affluent Filipinos are also target customers, as they will also accept generic medicines as an alternative to branded ones, provided that they feel confident in the quality of the medicines and service given. In fact, the examples of the European and US markets show that, in rich countries, the generic market is very developed and accounts for up to fifty per cent of the total drug market value.

4. The Generics Law of 1988 establishes a very favorable legal framework, which authorizes substitution of branded medicines by their generic counterparts under the guidance of a licensed pharmacist, and requires pharmaceutical companies and health practitioners to use generic names. Recent governements efforts to promote generic medicines further lead to a growing awareness and openness of the Filipino public to generics.

5. It is important for you to choose the right player and to invest into a chain of drugstores which you can trust. At Generika, we assure you of the following :

a) We have a track record of sixteen company owned stores operating successfully. We have operated for more than 4 years and we serve about 3 million transactions every year.

b) We have the widest range of generic medicines among all drugstores. We want to be the pioneers of generic retail distribution and be the first ones to carry all new generic medicines now available on the market

c) We have a name which is catchy and easy to remember : GENERIKA

d) We have a clear emphasis on building an image of quality and service through carefully selected medicines, attractive store premises, airconditioning to preserve the therapeutic values of medicines and provide convenience to our customers, professional staff, computerized operations… At Generika, you can expect patient counseling by approachable Licensed Pharmacists and well-trained Pharmacy Assistants.

e) We provide a series of valued added services, like free blood pressure, affordable blood sugar testing, complemented by regular free check up organized in our outlets. We also support several community outreach programs.

f) In partnership with Novelis Solutions’ Retail Expert, we are building superior information systems to serve customers better and manage the store sales and inventory effectively: customer database, medical information, medicine alternatives, price comparison database, automated ordering replenishment system. We have a team of programmers working all day to improve our information systems. This will give us a clear advantage over our competitors.

Franchise package includes :

• The right to use the Generika trademark and logo
• Location and market study assistance: because location is a major factor of success, we take extra steps to validate the target site’s sales potential. We organize free traffic counts for you. We also suggest sites which we have already evaluated.
• Architectural/store design and construction assistance
•Start-up and pre-opening assistance. Target is to open the site between 4 to six weeks after the signing of the franchise agreement.
• HR support in the assistance in the recruitment of store personnel
• Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants
•Extensive training on pharmacy retailing and management, computerized operation and customer service
•Three computers per store, complete with the necessary printers and other peripherals and installed with Retail Expert, our exclusive Point-of-Sale (POS) system to manage sales transactions, inventories and facilitate customer service.
• All necessary pharmaceutical and operations supplies
• The initial inventory – amounting to about 300,000 Pesos

Interested parties, please contact:

Mr. Edward Arban,
Business Development Manager,
824-4685 or 703-4703


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