Making of Banana Catsup



1 kilo cavendish (saba) bananas
1 head onion
1 pc red bell pepper
1 head garlic
3¾ liter water
20 pcs chili pepper
500 mL vinegar
1 kilo brown sugar
100 grams rock salt
1/8 tsp cloves (fine clavo de comer)
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp paprika
1 tsp catsup red # 600
1/8 tsp strawberry red
1/8 tsp chocolate brown
5 grams sodium benzoate


chopping board (plastic)
stainless steel knives
measuring spoons
weighing scales
osterizer/food processor

Packaging Material:

sterilized bottles/jars


1. Wash rare ripe bananas (80% yellow and 20% green).
2. Boil bananas for 10 minutes. Drain water.
3. Peel, slice bananas into 3 cm thickness.
4. Slice onions, bell pepper and garlic then add 3 and ¼ liter of water. Add in sliced bananas. Grind using osterizer/blender for 1 minute.
5. Add ½ liter of water in chili pepper. Grind using osterizer/blender. Strain and mix the extract in banana mixture.
6. Add vinegar, sugar, salt and spices. Cook at 80° to 85°C for 40 minutes or until thick.
7. Add other ingredients previously dissolved in small amount of water such as catsup red, chocolate brown, strawberry red and sodium benzoate.
8. Pour in sterilized bottles while hot and seal thoroughly.
9. Label and store.



cavendish (saba) bananas
100 grams (7 tbsp.) vinegar
1 gram (3 pcs.) pepper, labuyo
5 grams (1 pc) onion, powdered (medium)
1 gram (1 clove) garlic, powdered (big)
10 grams (2 tsp.) refined salt
80 grams (6 tbsp.) sugar
2.7 gram (1/2 tsp.) red dye (no. 2)
2.8 gram (1/2 tsp.) yellow dye (no. 5)
5 grams (1 tsp.) cinnamon
200 mL (14 tbsp.) water


1. Cook, peel, and grind rare ripe bananas (80% yellow and 20% green).
2. Weigh the ground pulp and add an equal amount of water.
3. Blend in warring blender for one minute.
4. Adjust the pH of the puree to 4.0-4.3 by adding citric acid (0.5% of puree) and /or sodium hydroxide.
5. Adjust the pH of the vinegar to 4.0- 4.3.
6. Grind the spices and dissolve them in vinegar. Add them to the puree.
7. Cook the mixture for 10 minutes at 75o-85oC, stirring continuously to prevent scorching.
8. Add coloring and continue heating to desired consistency.
9. While catsup is hot, pour it in clean, sterilized bottle.

Source:, photo from alturas group

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