How to make Nata de Coco from Coconut Water


1 kg. fresh coconut, grated
325 mL or 1¼ cups glacial acetic acid
600 g or 3 cups refined sugar
500 ml or 2 cups coconut water
12 L tap water
2 L nata starter*


1. Mix grated coconut with water. Strain thru cheesecloth.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix.
3. Pour the mixture into clean sterile fermenting basins or jars (2 inches depth). Set aside starter for use in 3-5 days.
4. Ferment for 12-14 days.
5. Harvest. Wash.
6. To cook it into a dessert:
- Cut nata de coco into cubes or desired size.
- Boil in several changes of water until acidic taste or smell is completely removed from nata de coco.
- Cook in sugar at 1:1 ratio. If desired, add pineapple tidbits or nangka as flavorant.

NATA DE COCO (tap water)


1 kg matured coconut, grated
400 ml glacial acetic acid
2 kg refined sugar
28 L tap water
5 L nata starter*


1. Mix grated coconut with tap water. Strain through cheesecloth.
2. Mix the rest of the ingredients.
3. Stir to dissolve the sugar.
4. Pour into clean, sterile fermenting basins or plastic trays. Cover with clean paper.
5. Ferment for 8-10 days.
6. Harvest, remove scum, wash and cut nata de coco into cubes or desired size.
7. Boil in several changes of water until acidic taste/smell is completely removed.
8. Cook in sugar at a 1:1 ratio (1 kilo sugar to 1 kilo nata or 3/4 kilo sugar to 1 kilo nata). Boil until nata de coco cubes become transparent.

Source: DOST, you can also obtain your nata starter from the DOST, photo


  1. where can i get the nata starter and glacial acid? any store who sell this? i am from mindanao, bukidnon. thanks

  2. Hi charotte, I'd suggest you visit your local DOST office. I am sure, they have nata starter and glacial acid source. :)

  3. way back in our hi-school THE, we did made na de coco. just be careful with acetic glacial acetic.. it thins my palm. hehe

  4. I agree, we have to be careful with acetic acid, although it is not very dangerous :)

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