How to Get Rich Easily

It seems that everyone wants to get rich. There are books out on that subject, classes that are headed by someone who can show you an easy way to get rich, and many other schemes that guarantee you will get rich fast. Getting rich is one of the main goals of most people, and while it is never easy, there are some legal techniques that may work.


** Marry a rich person. You can make more money in a one-hour ceremony in Vegas than you can hope to make in a lifetime.

**Pay for a prestigious secondary education so that you can get a prestigious collegiate education so that you can obtain a prestigious professional degree. Professionals sometimes end up wealthy. Remember that it takes years of study and sacrifice to get to be a professional, so be patient.

**Buy Stocks in a successful and growing company or Get Started Trading Options. Visit an independent adviser if you lack experience in this area.

**Play the lottery with a group. Playing the lottery is usually a waste of money, but if you set aside only a few dollars a week and join with a group you can get hundreds of tickets for your few dollars and you’ll have fun doing it. Here is an example. If you ever do win take the lump sum cash payment and invest it yourself. The cash payouts are usually half as much but you can more than double your money if you invest yourself over thirty years.

**Work to the best of your ability in your present job. If you do not, interview for a job that makes minimum wage and act (convincingly - but don't overdo it) like you are interested in more than a paycheck. Work hard and suck up, making your way up the promotional ladder. Executives sometimes start out in low-paying jobs; if you have patience and work hard and learn, you might end up in middle-management. If you are incredibly lucky, you might even get rich. Of course, the odds of that happening are barely above the odds of winning the lottery. Also, there is no guarantee: You may work very hard for 25 years and then get 'downsized', right as they take away your pension. Relying on the generosity of the rich is not a very safe bet.

**Invest in real estate. Buy a fixer-upper for a low price. Make improvements, and sell it for double what you paid for it. Use the profits to buy a second house, and do the same thing. Look for repossessed houses, and once again, fix them up, and sell for a profit. You never really use your own money, and eventually you will be wealthy.

**Sell antiques or valuable items you may have inherited on eBay.

**Receive a large inheritance. Invest the money in companies that know how to increase profits through downsizing and outsourcing, and watch it grow.

**If you have been reading until here, you're still searching for that groundbreaking idea to get rich easily - but if it would be that easy everybody would do it. So think out of the box, be creative, challenge your environment to discuss business ideas, learn from people who did it, read their biographies, take an low-paid PA job, keep a record of your progress and your motivation and finally networking, networking, networking.

**Be frugal. Never spend money on anything you do not need for your most basic survival. It's not how much you make, it's how much you don't spend that will make the difference.


* Set aside a certain amount of money monthly for investing and saving. Start doing this in your youth, and watch it grow.

* Read and learn about money saving and Investment advice.

* Buy Money magazines, look up investment companies on the Internet. Follow the market. Many people have started with only a few shares, and in time, watched them double and even triple. Be wise and choose well.

* Join stock clubs. They are groups who investigate the market and discuss and invest together.

* Think about this when you are tempted to overspend. The more you have, the more burdensome it becomes: you have to store it, dust it or maybe even insure it.
if you make a lot of compulsive purchases, get rid of credit and actually have your bank limit your spending, if possible only carry cash and only what you need, you can't spend money if you don't have any way to get to it at the time.


Get rich quick schemes are invariably scams. Avoid them. There is no such thing as free money unless you inherit it. Then you must handle it wisely, or you will lose that also.

Being wealthy does not always bring happiness. Thinking only of becoming rich, can lead to you becoming a workaholic, which can ruin many a marriage, and lead to divorce.

While stocks can bring you wealth, they can also bring bankruptcy.

 If you do not know much about stock investing, hire an investor to help you.


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