How to Process Rice Straw into Livestock Feed

Fresh rice straw has a high energy content, but its use as feed for ruminants is limited by the high levels of lignin and silica in the straw. These make it difficult for livestock to digest.

By processing the rice straw, its quality and digestibility can be improved. Processing can also increase the protein content of rice straw.

It is recommended to process rice straw by applying urea (ammoniation). The technology is best suited to small or medium-sized farms. Farmers in Indonesia use the ammoniated straw to provide animal feed in the dry season or as a feed supplement.

How to Process Rice Straw into Livestock Feed


* Around 15 kg of air-dried rice straw
* About 870 g urea
* Five liters of water


* Two plastic bags, each c. 0.4 mm thick and measuring 100 x 150 cm
* One pail or bucket
* One set of scales
* One mixer stick


* Put one plastic bag inside the other to make a double thickness. The double bag is stronger and is less likely to leak.
* Put 15 kg of air-dried rice straw inside the bag. Compact the rice straw by pressing it down with your hands.
* The 870 g urea is dissolved in a pail containing 5 liters of water. Stir the mixture well.
* Pour the urea solution into the plastic bag of rice straw.
* Close the inner plastic bag by binding the mouth Tie the opening of the outer plastic bag separately. Put the bag of straw in a safe place.
* The bag can be opened after one month. The mouth of the bag should be left open to expose the straw to the air for two days. It can then be used as livestock feed.

Using the Processed Straw As a Feed

The processed rice straw is usually fed to cattle in the evening, as a feed supplement, after they have been brought into their shed. To increase the palatability, sweet soy sauce or molasses may be added. If the cattle are not used to this kind of feed, add just a little (5%) to their daily feed. Once the cattle become used to the ammoniated rice straw, it can make up 60-100% of their feed intake.

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