Franchising Fruit Magic

Fruit Magic Co., Inc. is currently enjoying its popularity as the leading source of the freshest fruit juices and concoctions in the country. However, many still wonder how this store that gave us that bud-tickling smoothies, refreshing shakes and nutritious juices come about? Was it really magic?

It was in 1993 when the Hernandez and Escalona families, with the advice of their friends from the medical field, shifted to healthy living. This includes an all-natural healthy diet, free from preservatives and chemicals. It was almost impossible since only colas and artificial juice drinks flooded every restaurant and food stores. The real goodness of fresh drinks was nowhere to be found. To solve this problem and to make it available to others with the same need, the two families created a store that we now know as Fruit Magic!

Fruit Magic instantly became a hit by simply offering a healthy alternative to softdrinks and other artificially made beverages. News hit the mall circuit and two additional stores followed - The Glorietta and Landmark branches. In 1999, Dr. Alan Escalona, a doctor within the family and a businessman by profession took Fruit Magic into higher ground, changing the simple fruit juicing service to a mainstream fresh fruit juice brand. It was a success. Fruit Magic is now enjoying its 11 fruitful years in the country. True to its slogan, "We only juice Fresh"; Fruit Magic guarantees only the freshest and the best fruit juices and concoctions in the land. Soon, you can be assured that there will be more Fruit Magic stores and a lot of fun fruit combinations to choose from!

At this point, Fruit Magic Co., Inc. is proud to say that we were able expanded the business and establish commanding presence and dominance in the industry with around 29 stores that are strategically located and operating within and outside Metro Manila. Before the end of November of this year, the very first Fruit Magic store in the Visayas will rise and eventually expands in the neighboring cities and provinces, catering and reaching out to the growing number of health conscious market in the region.

Indeed our success was no magic! It all began with fresh ideas dash with integrity, dedication and hardwork. All pure, all fresh. Just like our products.

Branches: 29
Areas open for franchise: Call
Franchise Fee: Call
Contact: Tel.: (632) 364-6927, 364-3621
Tele Fax: (632) 364-2934 email: e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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