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A work at home parent is the new trend. He/she is an entrepreneur who works from home. They are sometimes referred as WAHM (work at home mom) or WAHD (work at home dad). Entrepreneurs can now work and run a business from home – with the help of internet; many things can be done right at your own home.

Entrepreneurs choose to run businesses from home for a variety of reasons, including lower business expenses, personal health limitations, eliminating commuting or in order to have a more flexible schedule. Whatever your reasons, and if you are searching for a Work from Home through Online Jobs, maybe the following opportunities can help you:

1. Home based call center, it pays 20K pesos a month. Requirements:

-prior outbound / cold calling experience
-reliable working PC and stable internet connection that meets the following specs:

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 with updated security patches
Software: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with .net frame work 2.0
Free hard drive space: Between 1-2 GB
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Internet speed: Minimum 128 KB per second in both directions
Connectivity delay: Maximum 300 ms
Configurable firewall/router
headset preferably w/ noise canceling features

2. Blogger/Blogging ( range of income, from 15K to 100K pesos per month and more)

Blogging has enabled people, regardless of their backgrounds, to write about the most mundane detail of their lives. And as senior call center agents, Melo Villareal and Shellaise Dalisay discovered, the world is listening, and there are people who are willing to pay for it.

3. Medical Transcription jobs

MThomeMD is a proficient company that provides MT home jobs for people interested in medical transcription (MT) and who would like to work from home. MThomeMD has been providing MT work at home opportunities for a decade. We offer comprehensive home based Medical Transcription.

4. Odesk and Elance

If you want to be a contractor for online jobs, you can get a range of home jobs from Odesk and Elance. Jobs you can apply for varies from Web Design, Web Programming, Translations, Editing, Writing, Data Entry jobs, Personal Assistant, Web Research, Email Response Handling , 3D Modeling & CAD, Audio Production, Video Production, Accounting, Bookkeeping, HR / Payroll, Financial Services & Planning, Payment Processing, Legal, Project Management, Business Consulting and more jobs.

5. English Language Online Teacher


* Teaching English online (using Skype and our teaching platform) for Taiwanese students and professional
* Assist the students mainly on developing their speaking skills.
* Either free talking class or with the use of material (General & Business English,TOEFL,IELTS oral test), the teacher initiates topics and make it interesting for the students.

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You would need a computer set with headphones/camera and a fast internet connection to do these jobs, and did I mention talent and skills?


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    You have a cool blog here. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information.

    It is very hard to look for a job nowadays especially with the financial crisis. This is especially so for fresh graduates who have no relevant work experience so the working from home with on-line jobs will be the most convenient way to earn for them.

    If you work from home you will no longer have to deal with making your resume look very impressive. You will no longer have to deal with a series of interviews where you get to face overbearing employers or human resource personnel. The financial crisis is taking its toll on each of us and we need to earn extra to pay the bills. Now it is very easy to earn extra money right from your home.

  2. Thanks James, you also got a very nice and cool site. Keep up the good work :)


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