Tips on Food Cart Business Franchise

I can’t help but be amazed on how much sales a food cart business gets in a day. For example, on the entrance of Ever Gotesco in the Marcos Highway customers on a Siomai Food Cart were falling in line to buy, almost. IMO, earnings could probably compete with established food chains on a lower scale. Indeed, more than P1 billion in sales is turned over every year from the food cart businesses. So, if you want to have a share on this business, read on.

The advantages that I can think of when going into a food cart business are:

1. Small capital. If you don’t have much capital and you want to go into food business, then a food cart maybe ideal for you. The capital involves ranges from P15, 000 (probably without a franchise) to a maximum of P300, 000 including franchise. Although there are franchises as low as P10, 000 per package that includes, the cart, product, uniform for the crew and training.

2. A food cart can be run by 3 persons at most. So, probably you can run it in house which means you, your sister or brother, husband or wife or neighbor or friend – which you can do away with the usual SSS, Insurance etc.

3. A food cart business is easy to set up. You can set up a food cart business on market–pizza, waffle, fishball, siomai, pearl shakes, baked goodies, rice in a box, hotdog, burgers, shakes etc.


a. Get a nice cart – color, design, etc. Study and observe other food carts you see on the market, or in malls. Think how you can improve the product and service.

b. Location, location, location. Great sales equal great location on this type of business.

c. Great product. If you want to be on a safe side, go for familiar ones like siomai, noodles, hot dogs – improved on taste, packaging, service etc.

d. Think about your price. You can have a great product at a reasonable price – then you are good to go.

e. Remember that this business could be labor intensive, so prepare on it.

Good Luck.


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