Fish Contract Growing with Vitarich

This is a sequel to our Vitarich posts. This is about Fish Contract Growing with Vitarich. So if you have a pond or fish cages and needs assistance both on technical side, and financial (feeds, fingerling including marketing), then this option maybe the best for you.

What is contract growing?

Simply put, you grow the fish, Vitarich harvests and markets the fish.

If you think about it, contract growing is easy since we would be the one taking care of the feeds, fish, and the technical services needed. We would even market the produce. Better still, you still need little initial capital since you would be incurring expenses related to operations because the company will be shouldering the cost of feeds and fingerlings. This is exactly the kind of business small and medium-scale entrepreneurs are looking for.

How does it work?

We provide you with everything you need to start your own business and make it succeed. We provide the fingerlings feeds, technical services and other auxiliary services.

You take care of the housing, labor, power, light, and water; equipment; and other miscellaneous expenses.

Once the fishes are fully grown, you profit by the kilo. We harvest the flock and sell the fishes.

Why work with Vitarich?

First of all, we guarantee the quality and performance of our fingerlings.

From hatchery to delivery, our fingerlings would undergo proper conditioning to ensure quality before dispersal. Our technical personnel will be in the hatchery and at the farm site on the actual pangasius dispersal to inspect and ensure quality of the fry.

Second, we provide the best support possible.

We provide the best in technical support.
Our technical group is composed of highly qualified farm-trained aqua-specialists, each of whom is equipped with everything they need to help you with your needs. These specialists will be with you from the time you think about signing up and all throughout the contract growing process.
Here’s what they’ll do for you:

* Assess the feasibility of the project; Assist you with pond/cage lay-out and construction, and other details that have a direct impact on the management; Provide you with regular training sessions for new growers as well as refresher courses for experienced growers; Conduct seminars on the latest advancements in the aqua industry; Be there to help you before and during the delivery of fishes; Give helpful tips on proper pond/cage management and ensure the most suitable conditions for fish acceptance; Conduct regular farm visits to supervise fish placements, assist you during dispersal, evaluate fish performance in terms of mortality, feed consumption, weight gain, etc.

* Evaluate the farm’s performance after harvest and discuss with you possible improvements for better and more profitable operations.

We also provide logistics support.

Working in close coordination with the Technical Support Group is our Logistics and Support Group which is based in Marilao. Logistics and Support will handle the processing of your application; coordinate prompt feeds deliveries; expedite the release of your checks; and takes care of hauling of final products .

To support both groups, other Departments within Vitarich are always prepared to help. In short, Vitarich has a very efficient and effective contract support system based on its long years of experience and service.

Third, you never have to worry about marketing.

Vitarich handles the marketing of your finished products. So you never have to worry about fluctuations in prices, or competing with other fish products, or where and how to sell your fishes. We take care of all that and, in the process, save you marketing-related expenses.

How do you start?

Let’s sit down and talk about it. Visit our office at Marilao today.

MacArthur Highway, Abangan Sur,
Marilao, Bulacan 3019 Philippines

Trunklines connecting all departments

PLDT : (632) 843-3033
Digitel: (6344) 711-2829
Smart : (63918) 8482-254
Fax : (632) 843-3033 local 400

Feed Sales & Marketing

Locals : 119 / 120 / 121 / 127 / 131 / 176
Direct Lines : (6344) 711-VITA (8482) or 711-1519

Livestocks & Poultry Operations

Contract Growing
Locals : 309 / 307
Direct Line : (63917) 831-7206

Food Sales
Local : 212
Direct Line : (63917) 505-3246

Technical Support & Hog Sales
Locals : 309 / 307
Direct Line : (63917) 516-9204


WEB-JET Acropolis Building
Unit 302, 3rd Floor
#88 E Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City
Tel no. (632) 636-3013
Fax no. (632) 633-8192


Guagua Warehouse
Bo. Natividad, Guagua, Pampanga
Contact Person : Mr. Gerardo Domingo
Mobile# : (63917) 873-5841

Lipa Warehouse
Brgy. Tambo, Lipa City, Batangas
Contact Person : Mr. Martin Tagle
Mobile# : (63917) 516-8502
Telefax : (6343) 757-0880



Brgy. Maliao, Pavia, Ilo-Ilo
Direct Lines : (6333) 329-7658 or 320-6753

CL Montelibano, Cor. Kamunsil St.,
Bacolod City
Direct Line : (6334) 434-8166

Juez M.O. Echavez St., Sudlon,
Maguikay, Mandaue City
Direct Lines : (6332) 345-3511 to 12

Km. 14, Panacan, Davao City
Direct Lines : (6382) 238-0330 to 32

General Santos
Biocrest Feedmill, National Hi-Way,
Apopong, General Santos City
Direct Lines : (6383) 552-6031 or 553-5467

Cagayan de Oro
Bo. Umalag, Tablon,
Cagayan de Oro City
Direct Lines : (6388) 855-2868 to 70

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