How to make vinegar from pineapple juice

Vinegar can be made from ripe, over ripe or bruised pineapples or even from the peelings.


1. Mash the ripe pineapple or parts add 3 parts water to every 1 part pineapple.
2. Filter in double muslin cloth.
3. Add 1 1/2 kilo sugar for every 9 liters filtered juice.
4. Boil in low fire (65 C for 20 minutes, cool).
5. Poor into demijohns or ceramic or enamel containers, add 2 tsp. Fleischmann`s yeast.
6. Cover with clean muslin cloth or put loose stopper covered with cotton.
7. Set aside 4-7 days until bubbles disappear.
8. Filter in clean muslin to removes residues.
9. Boil again at 65 C for 20 minutes. Cool.
10. Add 2 liters vinegar starter (or very strong vinegar).
11. Fill the containers, leave it for a month or until the desired acidity is attained.
12. Filter the vinegar and cook in double boiler (65 C) so as to avoid growth of microorganism.

Transfer to suitable containers. If a clear vinegar is desired, add 2 beaten eggwhites for every 10 liters vinegar solution. Heat until the whites coagulate. Filter.

Source: ITDI (DOST), photo courtesy of

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