How to Set Up Your Own Call Center

by Neil Mananquil

IF YOU HAVE A SERVICE-ORIENTED ENTERPRISE and you feel the need to provide your own contact center services, then you have two ways to go about this. One, you can outsource your needs to an established contact center, or two, you can set up your own facilities yourself.

If you choose to do the latter, then you may want to avail of the services of a turnkey solutions provider such as Diversified Technology Solutions International, Inc., or DTSI.

DTSI offers what are called “turnkey solutions.” In other words, they can take care of everything that has to be done to set up your contact center, including legal requirements, installation of cabling and equipment, and actual facilities construction... down to the ergonomic seats that are required for people who are to sit there for hours on end. So that in the end, all you have to do is to “turn the key.” In fact, DTSI can even provide training for your potential contact center workforce.

“Basically, any business that frequently uses a phone and email system and that wishes to increase efficiency, profitability and offer better value to their customers are well qualified for contact center solutions,” says Riane Garfin, marketing associate at DTSI. For small and medium businesses, this typically translates to online ticketing and reservation types of applications.

So how much does it cost to set up your own contact center? It depends on how many seats you plan to get.

The full article appears in the September-October 2006 issue of SME Insight, the magazine for small and medium enterprises. For subscriptions, call 759.2022 or 813.4396 loc. 816 or e-mail, photo courtesy of

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