Machinery for Rice Processing

Here is more equipment and machineries from the Openacademy for Philippine Agriculture.
LS 600 Lite Stripper

- Efficient. 8-10 persons can harvest, thresh, and clean the grains of more than one-half hectare in 1 day with a separate thresher.
- Simple and low-cost construction. It has only one moving part for stripping the grains and is affordable for individual farmers.
- Reduced grain loss. Average in-field harvesting loss is 2%.
- Light weight. It can work in soft soil conditions during wet season.

SG 800 Rice Stripper Harvester

- Efficiency. 7-10 persons can harvest about 1 ha, thresh and clean the grains in 1 day using the harvester in combination with a small thresher.
- Simple construction. It has only one moving part for stripping the grains: the rotating comb-like structure made of used car tires.
- Reduced grain loss. The average in-field harvesting loss is only 1.88%.
- Adaptable. It can harvest partially lodged crop.

PhilRice-JICA Rotary Reaper

- Affordable to farmers
- Easy to operate
- Locally designed and manufactured
- Low repair and maintenance cost

PhilRice-Flatbed Dryer

- Can complete drying from wet or dripping wet to 13-14% MC; dried output can be used for seed purposes with accurate control of temperature at 43°C.
- Uses farm by-products such as rice hull, corn cobs, or coffee hulls as fuel for heating drying air. - Simple, easy to fabricate and operate, and needs minimal maintenance.
- Multi-crop capability for other grains such as corn, coffee, legumes, and other crops (banana and cassava chips) aside from palay.
- Allows drying during unfavorable weather conditions, i.e., at night and during typhoons.
- Allows income generation from custom drying operations.

For more information, please contact:

Open Academy for Philippine Agriculture, FTIC Building, PhilRice Compound, Science City of Munoz, 3119 Nueva EcijaTelefax: +63 (44) 4565390Local: +63 (44) 4560561 local 502, Email: or

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