Equipment and Machinery for Rice Production

This entry is for our rice farmers who searching for equipment and machineries to augment their incomes and rice production. The Openacademy for Philippine Agriculture has the following machinery to help our farmers:

PhilRice Rototiller

• Lightweight, portable, and detachable assembly
• Cheaper alternative to floating tiller
• Transportable
• Maximizes the use of the handtractor
• High puddling capacity, adjustable depth (15 cm max.)
to fit with various soil conditions
• Low fuel consumption
• Easy to fabricate, repair, and maintain using locally
available materials and fabrication tools

PhilRice Improved Drum Sedder

• Simple, low cost, and easy to fabricate using local
• Portable and lightweight
• Can be used both for dryland and wetland seeding
• Rice grains seeded in straight rows, allowing mechanical
weeding between rows
• Adjustable seeding rate
• Seeds are partially buried in furrows, hence, they are
protected against rodents and birds

PhilRice-JICA Handtractor-Drawn Drum Seeder

• High seeding capacity of 3-5 ha/day by 2 persons
• Adjustable seeding rates of 40-120 kg/ha regulated by
covering lines of drum holes
• Minimizes effect of water puddles in the field
• Easy to operate as attachment to the hand tractor
• Can be easily fabricated by local manufacturers
• Row seeding for easy crop care; allows use of mechanical

For more information:
Open Academy for Philippine AgricultureFTIC Building, PhilRice Compound, Science City of Munoz, 3119 Nueva EcijaTelefax: +63 (44) 4565390Local: +63 (44) 4560561 local 502Email: or

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