How to manufacture your herbal capsules

Herbal supplements nowadays come in capsule form. Making herbal capsules is an ideal way to take herbs that are bitter or unpleasant tasting, example Ampalaya or bitter Melon. Taking capsules is also convienient while travelling, in school or when at work; and whenever it is not possible to take or make tea out of the herbs. Your home made capsules can be stored conveniently in small jars or bottles.

So how do we make herbal capsules?

1. Take fresh herb leaves of your choice, depending on how many capsules you want to make, it is ideal to have a ratio of 10:1 because the volume will be reduced by at least ten times,
2. Wash to remove any foreign debris. Dry thoroughly on paper towels, then dry on screens in the sun or in a non-humid part of the house. If not you can try oven drying at low temperatures.
3. The leaves will be brown and pulverize easily when fully dry. You may have to cut out thick stems that won't reduce to a powder, depending on the herb you are using. Using a mortar and pestle, blender, coffee grinder, or whatever type of device you have around, grind the leaves into a fine powder, adding a little at a time until done.
4. Buy empty capsules from a local supplier, if not you can buy capsules and capsule machines inexpensively. The machines will have clear instructions how to operate.
5. But for startes, if you have empty pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsules (cost can be from 18 to 25 dollars per thousand, but you can probably get a discount if you buy in volume):

a. open the capsules (consider using a surgical glove)
b. dip the bigger end into the powdered herb and stuff it as tightly as possible, then insert the smaller end and shake so that the compressed material will expand to fill both ends.

This will take some practice, so your first capsule may not be that perfect, but with practice it will come easy.

When using herbal capsules, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a medical practioner about the matter. Also, it is advised to start with a low dosage so as to avoid adverse reactions., photo courtesy of

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