Caltex Service Station Franchise

As a Caltex station dealer, you have the opportunity to operate your own business and succeed based on your own abilities. If you're committed to the business, prepared to work full-time and provide on-site management, the rewards can be considerable.

There are several dealership types available and your options include:

Company-Owned Retailer Operated (CORO) – The dealer puts up the necessary working capital and invests on basic service equipment while Caltex invests in the real estate, building, signages, pumps and underground tanks. The dealer pays Caltex a fixed monthly rental.

Retailer-Owned Retailer Operated (RORO) - The dealer invests in the real estate, building, pumps, underground tanks and basic service equipment. Caltex provides the standard service station design/layout drawings and signages.

Branded Marketer (BM) - A strategic partnership between the Branded Marketer and Caltex, with the objective of strengthening the presence and growth of the Caltex brand within an identified area.

Retail Operator (RO) – The entry level opportunity to operate a Caltex station. A sub - trade of CORO involving a smaller investment.
Our system for recruiting dealers is designed to ensure that we get the right people to deliver our brand promise throughout the Caltex network. We have a clear picture of the attributes, business knowledge, flair, commitment and personality needed to deal effectively with the staff and the community.

A potential dealer must:

* have made a decision to be self-employed or invest in his or her own business
* be willing to locate to the area offered and available
* live by our philosophy and core values
* be system oriented, a team player, and understand market share
* be safety conscious
* be customer facing
* have retail or customer service experience
* possess management experience
* be able to take on a management role with profit and loss responsibility
* possess a management history of developing people successfully
* be financially qualified (amount varies, depending on market)
* have an acceptable credit and security background

The process for Retailer Selection involves the following steps:

Application – A properly accomplished hard copy of the form must be delivered to the Retailing Relationships Coordinator at the 7th floor of 6750 Building Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines. Click here to download the application form. Kindly email the Retailing Relationships Coordinator for a copy of the application form.

Home Interview – This step is to be done by your assigned Business Consultant.

On-The-Job and Evaluation Training - Applicant must meet the minimum requirements in the pre-screening which involves a 5-day course that teaches business planning and basic service station knowledge (classroom and on-site). The training fee is due and demandable on the first day of the OJET Training.

Processing - Processing fee is due and demandable after completing and passing the OJET Training but prior to Business Plan Presentation.

Retailer Selection Board - Applicants must present their business plan to a management panel.

New Retailer Training Course – After an applicant is selected by the Retailer Selection Board. He/she must attend a 4-week course that tackles everything you need to know about running your own Caltex Service Station. The fee for the course is due and demandable on the first day of the New Retailer Training Course (NRTC).

To get started on the road to getting your very own Caltex Service Station, please contact our Retailing Relationships Coordinator at (632) 841-1000 or 0918-8015056 or

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