How to make canned Bangus

There are several ways to preserve fish, i.e. by drying, salting, or canning. But since not all have a pressure cooker and the use of tin cans needs a special sealer, it is possible to "can" or preserve fish (all kinds of fish including Bangus) in the following manner:


1. Select fresh bangus (or any fish) for preserving.

2. Remove the scales, internal organs, fins, and tail.

3. Wash very well; soak in salt water to remove the remaining blood and make the flesh white and firm. Before preserving, the fish may be steamed, smoked, dried in the sun, fried, salted or ground.

4. In putting in the jar, leave about 4-5 cm. space from the rim before closing.

5. Remove air by putting the jar in water boiling at 82°C (steam).

6. Close the jar. Put a rubber sealer around the cap.

7. Boil at 115°C-121°C (or at 10-15 pressure per if in pressure cooker).

8. Let it cool by itself.

Source: Milkfish as Food NSTA, photo modified from

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