Franchising Aquabest

Young or old, everyone needs fresh, clean water to drink. This market driven reality has spurred one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The bottled water business offers a tremendous opportunity for income and profit to entrepreneurs on a variety of levels. Bestlife provides highly efficient equipment, plant layout services, and sales and marketing assistance for our customers nationwide.

Today with over 2000 water stations serviced nationwide (144 Aquabest), Bestlife is striving to explore more possibilities to improve the quality of life of the Filipino people by providing the technology and solution to make the production of pure water more affordable and within the reach of poor people. This year Bestlife Franchising has launched the Aquabest's 0% 24 months to pay promo with No Franchising Fee and No Royalty Fee. This is our contribution to our society and the filipinos and in showing our commitment and conviction in fostering a partnership in the business we promote.

Franchise Fee: ( P100K waived) Just buy the machine from Aquabest (P420k)
Contact: Lyn Cordon ( Franchising) Carson Tan (CEO)
Tel 412-8181/ 412-9652 to 54 4129657 to 58 Fax 410-0142 email:

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