Franchising a 7-Eleven Store

7-Eleven® provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business partners to operate their own convenience store with the leading name in the business. If you are a goal-oriented individual who wants to grow with a well-established retailer, 7-Eleven invites you to take a look at what the 7-Eleven® franchise system has to offer.

7-Eleven® provides:

• a reliable, fresh assortment of high-quality products
• speedy transactions
• every day fair prices
• a clean, safe and friendly environment to shop.

Philippine Seven Corporation gives you the chance to operate your own business by having access to 7-Eleven® expertise, business operating systems and support of a highly successful global corporation.

You need determination to do it, the smarts to get it done, the power to motivate your employees and the financial commitment to make it all happen. It can be a rewarding experience for those willing to take the challenge.

7-Eleven® offers:

a. A popular and reliable global brand with a wholesome image. The top-of-mind convenience store among customers in the Philippines and the third most recognized brand in the world;
b. An established retail operating system proven over 20 years of retail experience;
Access to 7-Eleven®‘s logistics and distribution resources;
Continuous developmental marketing, product R&D, and operational support;
c. A comprehensive 6-week training program on the operation and management of a 7-Eleven® store;
d. Assigned Operations Field Consultant (OFC) who visits with the Franchisee at least once a week to provide counsel on every aspect of the business;
e. Monthly financial and marketing records prepared by 7-Eleven® for the franchisee


Q. What are the qualifications of a 7-Eleven® franchisee?
A. You love a good challenge, ready to put in hardwork, manage people and monitor finances, be a creative salesperson and help foster a shopping environment that entices your customers.

• A self-driven entrepreneur;
• Knows how to motivate his staff;
• Willing to directly oversee the operations of a 7-Eleven®
• Service oriented, hardworking and possess strong entrepreneurial skills
• Financially capable to fund the investment
• Must not and is not directly or indirectly engaged in any similar business in conflict with 7-Eleven®

Q. How much is the investment required for a 7-Eleven®?
A. The financial requirement ranges from P3 to P7 Million.

Q. What is included in the investment?
A. The investment includes the operational rights of the store, equipment and facilities, furniture and fixtures, air-con system, signage, and initial inventory.

Q. If I don't have a location can I apply for a franchise?
A. Yes, you can still apply. You will have the option to choose between a new store, and an existing store.

Q. Can a corporation apply for a franchise?
A. Yes, a corporation may apply the franchise, but it is the required that the majority shareholder be the principal applicant and attends the training.

Q. How much is the return on investment?
A. The convenience store profitability is dependent on several factors such as; satisfying customer’s needs; how well you implement and work the 7-Eleven® operating principles; sales performance; and your ability to control operating expenses. Other questions on financial viability will be discussed only during the interview process.

Q. What is the required lot size or floor area?
A. The floor area for a 7-Eleven® store is ideally 120 square meters.

Q. How long is the training program?
A. The franchisee is required to successfully complete a 6-week full time training program which is combined classroom and in-store.

Q. Who will provide the manpower to operate the store?
A. Store manpower salaries and benefits will be provided by the Franchisee

Property Conversion Program

Lease out your property or convert your existing business to a 7-Eleven® Store!

Are you a property owner or do you run a business with a prime location looking to leverage the strength of a global retailer for growth? There’s no time like the present to lease out or convert your business and franchise a 7-Eleven® Store, the Philippines’ leader in convenience store retailing.

7-Eleven® is looking for energetic property and business owners who share our passion for retailing and have a desire to serve customers. If you an existing business located in a prime location in any part of Metro Manila, and the major provinces, town proper, and thoroughfares in Luzon, we would like to discuss this business opportunity with you!

Minimum requirements include:

located in a prime location such as business and call center districts, transit stations, factory, residential and schools areas
Preferably a corner location with double frontage, or a non-corner location with a 7 meter frontage


You need to be an ambitious, entrepreneurial person who is willing to assume the risks - and reap the rewards of owning your own business.

Our company seeks the right individual who will operate selected 7-Eleven® Foodstore:

1. Ability to fund investment requirement
2. Willing to undergo full-time, 6 weeks training
3. Willing to devote time to oversee day to day operations
4. Willingness to work within the franchisor's guidance
5. Ready to put hardwork, manage people, monitor finances, and be a creative salesperson and help foster a shopping environment that entices your customers.
6. Must not and is not directly or indirectly engaged in any similar business in conflict with 7-Eleven®
If you are the entrepreneur described above, then we may interest you to be our partner by operating a 7-Eleven® Foodstore.

We will support you with the expert advice and assistance only a trusted industry leader can give. Our vast array of operations, marketing, and technical support systems are based on our retail experience spanning over 20 years, serving thousands of customers in 269 stores, 24 hours daily.

For more information contact Philippine Seven Corporation and an application will be forwarded to you:


The Franchise Manager
Philippine Seven Corporation
7th Floor, Columbia Tower,
Ortigas Ave., near corner EDSA,
Mandaluyong City
Hotline: +63 (02)726-9968
Fax : +63 (02)705-5229
Mobile : +63 (920)950-8651

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