SeaOil Service Station Dealership

My previous post was about Service Station dealership with Petron. This one is dealership with Seaoil, another company in the Philippines. The required investment is small, only P350,000 franchise fee, although once operational you have to post a refundable cash bond of at least 2 million pesos depending on the size of your station and volume. So if you are putting up a smaller gas station, maybe the cash bond may not be that high. This dealership has a lot of advantages such as:

• Low franchise fee
• Oil is an essential commodity
• Price flexibility and margin support
• No inventory spoilage
• Demand is non-trend dependent
• Option for expansion – convenience store & service bay
• Simple to operate
• Option to become a lubricant distributor

Also, the franchisee will enjoy benefits such as:

• SEAOIL’s Brand Strength
• High Return / Low Risk ; Proven Profitability
• Competitive Pricing ; Security of Supply
• World Class Products
• Marketing, Technical Expertise & Support

So how do we go about getting a franchise from Seaoil?

Station Franchising

As both a means and an end to fulfill its mission of “Enriching the Lives of the Filipinos”, SEAOIL’s franchising program has enabled the company to steadily develop its retail network and logistical arms as well as to share the profitability of its franchise program to its dealers. Below are some of the main benefits of becoming a SEAOIL franchisee.

By engaging in a petroleum retail business, Dealers can easily market to their own network, thereby realizing the inherent value of associations they’ve built over the years.

Franchisees have the opportunity to gain from SEAOIL’s expertise and avoid costly mistakes if they were to start their own business without an ample working knowledge of its intricacies. Initiatives such as seminars on Value Enhancement, Tax Awareness, Employee Benefits and the like offer important information to Dealers as they begin their businesses.

SEAOIL has a year-round support program consisting of company-wide promotional activities, direct marketing consultancy, and a 24-hour technical assistance package.


To become a SEAOIL franchisee, simply follow these steps:

1. Submit a letter of intent to our Marketing Department stating your desire to become a SEAOIL Franchisee.
2. Secure and fill up one of our standard Franchise Application Forms. You can download it from here.
3. Provide a photocopy of your Community Tax Certificate to be used in executing a 4. Franchise Agreement and Equipment Lease Contract.
5. Submit a Bank Certification and/or Financial Statement indicating cash and/or assets amounting to at least two (2) million pesos.
6. Schedule an appointment with one of our Marketing Personnel for the submission of the above documents.

For more information, check their site.


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