Figaro Coffee Company

If you live overseas, or even in the Philippines; you can franchise a Figaro Coffee Shop.

The Figaro Coffee Company was established in 1993 by a group of seven friends, whose zeal for coffee was acquired from their travels all over the world. This passion began as a hobby of brewing, tasting and experimenting with many varieties of coffee from around the globe. It soon grew into a business, with the purpose of sharing the fine art of European coffee culture with as many people as possible.

Beginning with one small kiosk in one of the prominent malls in Makati, Figaro have grown to over 50 Coffee Stores, spreading the love and fervor for coffee throughout the Philippines, China and the Middle East in just over 13 years.

Figaro now have two Coffee Stores in the dynamic, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. The first Coffee Store is at the lobby of Tian An Centre, located in Nanjing Xi Lu’s bustling business district. The other is the flagship 2-storey Coffee Store at Jin Lin Tian Di, a stylish commercial and residential complex, surrounded by dining and entertainment establishments popular with Shanghai’s young and sophisticated elite.

In Dubai, the Figaro Coffee Store is located at the Twin Towers, a mix-use commercial and residential building at the heart of the business district, where it caters to the city’s executive class. Figaro will continue to open more Coffee Stores in China, the UAE, the rest of Asia, and other parts of the world.

Areas open for franchise: Call
Franchise Fee: Call
Contact: The Franchise Manager
Tel. 747-3435
Fax. 819-0007


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  1. sadly Figaro's owners sold it to a Chinese guy who runs a pizza franchise. It didn't quite match. So the coffee and the food has deteriorated. Too bad.


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