How to Make Green Mango Pickle

Green mango pickle is a hot, spicy pickle with a sour taste. It is eaten as a condiment. Preservation is caused by a combination of salt, increased acidity and to a small extent the spices. It is known as burong mangga and dalok in the Philippines.

Preparation of the raw material

The fresh, fully mature, firm but unripe mangoes must be carefully selected to ensure a good quality product. The best pickles are obtained from fruit at early maturity when the fruit has reached almost maximum size. Riper fruit results in pickles with a fruity odour and lacking the characteristic and predominant green mango flavour.

The green mangoes need to be inspected and any damaged fruit rejected. The fruit is washed in clean water and drained.

After draining, the fruit is cut. Sharp knives with preferably stainless blades should be used. Iron or copper equipment should be avoided. A single stroke should be used during the cutting process to ensure minimum damage and avoiding mushiness in the final product.


The sliced mangoes are soaked in brine solution. Sodium metabisulphite (1000 ppm) and 1% calcium chloride are added. The containers are stored until the mangoes are pickled. The brine is then drained off and spices are mixed with the mango slices.

Packaging and storage

The mixture is then packed and oil added onto the surface of the mixture. The mangoes should be firmly pressed down in the container. Good quality vegetable oil such as sunflower oil should be used and finely ground chilli powder can be added to the oil for flavour and colour. Mango pickle can be packed in small polythene bags and sealed or in clean jars and capped. Mango pickle keeps well if stored in a cool place. If it is processed well, it can be kept for several months. Due to the high acid level of the final product, the risk of food poisoning is low.
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