Shell Service Station Franchise

Total automotive fuel sold through Shell service stations account for a major share of the retail fuels market. Over 1,100 Shell service stations are found throughout the country, with about half of them company-owned and the other half, dealer-owned. Shell dealers are valued members of the Shell family.

About the Service Station

Quality products, customer focus, strategic locations, facilities and services have continued to draw motorists around the country to Shell. Many of the stations operate 24-hours a day, offering Shell's full range of world-class quality fuels and lubricants, as well as vehicle lubrication and car washing services.

Shell Velocity, Formula Shell Premium Unleaded, Formula Shell Super Unleaded and Shell Diesoline are the core products channelled through the retail outlets.

A convenient, clean and safe retail environment thus awaits each customer in every Shell retail station. SELECT convenience stores and Shell Shops in Shell retail sites complete Shell's offering to customers.

What are the qualifications of a Shell franchisee?

Can motivate his people towards agreed business targets.
Willing to devote time to oversee the day to day operations of the business
Willing to undergo full time training on service station operations
Able to fund the investment requirements

Can a corporation apply for a franchise?

Shell awards franchises to individuals only. Upon approval of the franchise, the individual may organize a "closed corporation" to manage the business, provided he is able to show clear majority ownership in this corporation.

Who will provide the manpower to operate the service station business?

Retailer will provide the manpower. However, Shell will assist the franchisee in recruiting the members of his management team. This team will be employed by the franchisee who shall then be responsible for their salaries and benefits while on training.

How long would it take for an applicant to be pre-screened?

Two to three months.

Do I need a site/lot to apply for a franchise?

No. Shell will provide the site (Company-owned, Dealer-operated sites).

Will Shell provide training for retailers/dealers?

Yes, all training for the retailer and its staff will be provided by Shell at cost for the account of the retailer.

How much is the franchise fee?

Unlike most franchises, there is no franchise fee to be collected. There are, however, application processing fees to be collected.

What other fees will I be paying Shell?

Retailer will pay Shell his monthly Royalty and Retailer Fees. The fees are all based on a mutually agreed Business Plan for the service station.

What is a Business Plan?

It contains financial (e.g. profit and loss) and non-financial (marketing activities) plans of the service station business.

What will the initial investment of Php2.0 Mn. to Php3.0 Mn. cover?

This will basically cover: fuels inventory (2-3 day stock cover), lubricants inventory(1 month stock cover), merchandise in the Shell Shop/Select, lube/washbay equipment (change oil equipment, car washer, tools, vacuum cleaner and others), initial operating expense (salaries, utilities, uniforms, business permit and others), power generator.

Do I need to purchase a lorry/tank truck to operate a service station?

No, there is an accredited hauler to deliver fuels and lubricants to our retailers.

Where will I get my supply for my Select and/or Shell Shop?

There are accredited Shell Suppliers who will supply goods and services to our Retailers.

Once awarded with a license to operate a Shell service station, will I operate all businesses present in the station (e.g. Forecourt, Select, Lube and Wash bay)?

The license to operate for each Business is awarded separately to the Retailer.

How long is the contract of a Retailer?

Retailer will have to sign Shell's "Retailer Agreement" and this will be good for three (3) years. Renewal of the agreement will be based on Retailer's performance.

Who will maintain the Shell-owned equipment (pumps, tanks, lifters, signages, and compressors)?

It will be for the account/ responsibility of the Retailer through Shell's accredited contractors.

To apply for franchise, contact:

Corporate Offices
Shell House
156 Valero Street
Salcedo Village
Makati City 1227

+63 2 8166501

Fax no.
+63 2 8166565




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