Transporting Live Prawn

1. For a whole day, expose to the suns heat wood shavings of white lauan.

2. Place this in plastic bags and refrigerate at 15°C.

3. Place the prawns in a basin of sea water. Little by little, add rice until the temperature is 18°C.

4. Remove the prawns from the water and place them orderly in a box( with sides lined with Styrofoam).

5. Place at 300 gms ground ice in a plastic bag, seal and put atop the shaving.

6. Close the box with masking tape.

7. On the next day, wash the prawns in iced seawater.

A Japanese expert on prawns at the SEAFDEC in Iloilo tired this to prolong the shelf life of the prawns even when this is packed.

When the boxes were opened the next day, 93% of the prawns were still alive. When put in water, they immediately swam.

Source: The Phil Farmers Journal, March 1980,, photo from

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